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What Our Audience Is Saying:

I am personally devestated that I did not write this work of genius myself.

William Shakespeare

Stratford Upon Avon, England

That's my baby girl! This reminds me of that time in the third grade when Catie was going to play the Virgin Mary in the Stations of the Cross, but then the entire class got chicken pox and they cancelled school for the weekend. I bought her a blue blanket and everything. I remember that I saw Steve Flannigan's mom at the store that day, she gave me the greatest reciepe for tater-tot casserole, but anyway, if my baby girl is in it, this show is a must see! And it's not that boring Shakespeare stuff she's always going on about, either!

Catie's Mom

Silvis, IL

No Shakespeares in the group, but there is a Moneymaker. I suppose that's good enough.

Christopher Marlowe

London, England

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